Sanford and The twins. As one client describes them, “they’re a friggin’ freak of nature. What one guy doesn’t know, the other does. Between the two of them they can solve just about any problem you have.”


“Being a production artist is like being the garbage man” he says. “We do the mundane work that designers don’t like.” These tasks range from producing long catalogs to re-sizing ads for various publications to dropping the backgrounds out of a whole slew of photos. “We free up the creative team to do what they do best.”

He’s been on the (b)leading edge of electronic publishing from its inception, has taught production techniques at various educational institutions and consults with clients on efficient workflow solutions.

Michael Looney

More recently, Michael Looney redesigned the policy management system for Old Republic Home Protection, a major provider of home warranty plans in the United States. He transitioned their proprietary application to a web-based database system accessed from any browser. This enabled ORHP to rapidly grow their services and locations while reducing their costs.